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About the subject content of Mathematical Olympiads for schoolchildren

Introduction. The relevance of the study is due to the need to improve the procedure for selecting the content of Mathematical Olympiads for schoolchildren. The problem of the study is to determine uniform requirements for selection of the content of the problems of school Mathematical Olympiads, taking into account the variety of forms and types of Mathematical Olympiads.

Materials and methods. To achieve the goal, a comparative analysis of the content of Olympiad problems in mathematics, analysis of methodological literature on the theory and practice of solving Olympiad problems in mathematics, program documents, Olympiad protocols were used in Kyrgyzstan and foreign countries. Special attention is paid to the study and generalization of the results of Olympiads with participation of schoolchildren of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Research results. The content of Olympiad problems in mathematics should be aimed at allowing participants to demonstrate a creative approach, including the presence of a variable range of responses. Problems should include objective and universal educational actions in unity. The criteria for evaluating the Olympiad works differ depending on the level and status of the Olympiad, the age of its participants. The most stringent requirements are imposed on the final stage of the Olympiad, so it is necessary to train participants, in addition to subject knowledge, to be fluent in the mathematical language and technique of substantiated reasoning. Schoolchildren of Kyrgyzstan take part in more than 10 international mathematical Olympiads. Despite the fact that our students take II and III places at the Olympiads among the republics of the former Soviet Union, their knowledge does not correspond to the international Olympiads. To solve this problem, it is necessary to bring the republican Olympiads closer to international standards, develop a program of Olympiad mathematics that corresponds to the level of international mathematical Olympiads, train professional coaches in the country who will be able to prepare students for participation in IMO, tighten the selection of participants for international Olympiads.

Conclusion. Compliance of problems with the content of the Olympiad at each level contributes to its clear organization, objectivity and transparency. To objectively determine the winners of the Olympiad, an accurate assessment of the characteristics of the Olympiad problems is necessary, such as: relative complexity, differentiating ability, validity of task, and compliance with the level of training.

Prospects. The study examines the content of traditional forms of Mathematical Olympiads for schoolchildren, while it remains possible to further study the aspects of selecting the content of remote and open forms of Olympiads.

Keywords: Olympiad, mathematics, content, problem, solution, evaluation criteria, task complexity

For Reference: Keldibekova, A. O. (2020). About the subject content of Mathematical Olympiads for schoolchildren. Perspektivy nauki i obrazovania – Perspectives of Science and Education, 46 (4), 269-282. doi: 10.32744/pse.2020.4.18

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Information about the author:

Aida O. Keldibekova (Kyrgyzstan, Osh) - Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Technology of Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science and Educational Management. Osh State University. E-mail: aidaoskk@gmail.com. ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6444-0468. Scopus ID: 57211393714

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