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Modern Family Leisure Activities Organization in Theme Parks

The family, as the first and the main social institution, forms the value orientations of the growing personality. The organization of substantial family leisure is a significant problem and one of the main tasks of the state. Favorable conditions for the organization of cultural leisure and recreation as well as for the realization of the family’s creative potential and social activity can be created in modern theme parks. The authors substantiate the role of theme parks, their social and cultural potential, in the organization of rational leisure for a modern family. The territory of theme parks is designed for recreation and entertainment. The range of services is based on the concept and theme of the Park. After the analysis of the socio-cultural activities of theme parks in the Russian regions , the authors come to the conclusion that it is necessary to study, develop and promote the constructive experience of modern theme parks for the organization of socially justified and diverse family leisure, contributing to the spiritual enrichment and physical improvement, the horizons broadening, the realization of the creative potential of the individual, taking into account the opportunities and needs of each family member.

Key words: theme park, family leisure, tourism, entertainment industry, leisure, modern family, recreation, creativity, harmonious development of personality

For Reference: Babaev, A. V., Babaeva, E. V., & Ganshina, G. V. (2019). Modern family leisure activities organization in theme parks. Perspektivy nauki i obrazovania – Perspectives of Science and Education, 41 (5), 345-358. doi: 10.32744/pse.2019.5.24

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Information about the authors:

Alexander V. Babaev (Russia, Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuevo) - Postgraduate student, Department of Social and Cultural Activities, Institute of Culture and Arts. Moscow City University. Email: shuremboo@gmail.com

Elena V. Babaeva (Russia, Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuevo) - PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of History and Humanities. State University for the Humanities and Technology. E-mail: babaeva500@gmail.com

Galina V. Ganshina (Russia, Moscow) - Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Cultural Activities of the Institute of Culture and Arts. Moscow City University. E-mail: gv_gansina@mail.ru. ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9354-4888

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